Grim Soul - Dark Fantasy Survival

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Grim Soul Guide – Tips, Cheats, Strategy and Tricks

Grim soul is very thrilling and adventurous game for android users in which you have to survive and keep yourself alive from zombies as they attack from different sides with advance weapons. Survival and defense are key points to win the game. You can complete the levels by collecting some resources and building fortress.

We are presenting you with the Grim Soul Guide and this guide will take your game to the next level to conquer the Forsaken Dungeon!

Android users might find some levels difficult to pass as you have to manage your inventory and base as well as handle harsh landscapes in order to succeed. The game does not come with tutorials or help as developers expect you to figure out the things.

In the beginning, you find some easy levels and as you go for next levels you start learning things like finding the resources. We have provided you with some very helpful tips for survival.

Three basic things are very crucial for your survival for example health, thrust and food. There are many ways to get the food and restore your health. Check these items like food, water and honey on the regular basis in the game.

Increase your attack speed.

This is a very simple technique and you can apply during any engagement. You can boost your attack speed by continuous attack on your enemies.

Avoid kite slower enemies

As they chase you until you leave that area. They hit extremely high with power but you have to aware of them by looking into your map. Just ran away from there.

Night guest with red symbol

Is a very dangerous creature and you cannot kill them. At night, use torch and frightened them with fire. Find larger red symbols drawn on the ground so that they cannot cross it and leave you alone.

Keep looting and gathering

You can visit other player’s base and gather some resources. Visit gatekeeper’s hut through map, and kill him to get the key.

Use traps and stakes

To save your house from intruders as they use bomb to break the wall. Build a strong house by upgrading it.

Use tools or devices and pay attention to letters. Keep an eye on the mini-map before your enemies appear for attack. Carry some special items with you and use the formula of hit and run when you encounter with enemies.

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