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Grim Soul Horse Stable and Taming

Grim soul is a game of killing monsters and zombies by passing through the jungle and some tricky enemies on the way like night guest with red symbol. You use different tools and techniques to survive. The game starts from building your house and you keep upgrading it to protect it from intruders.

A new update has been released to make the game bit interesting. In update 1.3.0, the most anticipated part is addition of horses. You can find wild horses at the Broken Cart and later on you can train them to travel faster and reach faraway places. You can train them by feeding and after every five levels you may have a special upgrade.

Some horses get scared at first attempt

And you need to build a stable to tame the horses. You can get bridle in the second level of the dungeon. Your horse levels up just like your character. No need to do crazy things. Feed your horse oats, love it and ride it. You can find oat seeds 3-Skull areas and you need to dedicate one of your Garden Beds.

Total five planned ranks are available like Skinny, Stately, Frisky, Hardy, and Warhorse. With every new rank after each five levels, you need to open new inventory slots for horses.

In the recent update, first level has been made smaller and easier for users and update of Grim Soul Horse is included in second level. The level is made hard to achieve and you will be needing some techniques to be used.

Finding your horse in the broken cart is somehow very interesting and it can be difficult in a first attempt as some horses get scared. You need to be slow and fake them like you are friendly to them. After you succeed to get them, you need to train them to run faster.

Training your horse is very interesting

And you do not need to do anything crazy. To conquer them, you need to love them, offer the oats, and ride them. As your levels goes up, your character goes up. After every five levels, your horse skin changes and there are total five planned ranks.

The five different ranks are very interesting and it is obvious that as your ranks increases you should be ready to face new hurdles. You should train your horse in a way that you can conquer every level with it.

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